Quality Management Policy

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As Ardam Group, our mission of “sustainable growth creating sustainable value” in all our fields of activity and our corporate values, within the framework of our strategic direction;

  • To provide continuous improvement by understanding the current and future needs and expectations of our customers and business partners with a customer-oriented approach, by prioritizing the requirements of quality and related management systems,
  • To communicate transparently and based on mutual trust in order to understand and meet the expectations and conditions of our related parties,
  • To act in compliance with internal and external legislation, relevant national and international standards,
  • Trying to achieve operational excellence by evaluating risks and opportunities with a proactive approach in our fast, lean and flexible processes,
  • To increase the awareness and competencies of all relevant parties about innovations, changes and developments within the framework of the Quality Management System,
  • To ensure continuous improvement and development of activities carried out in every field by monitoring and reviewing measurable targets and programs,
  • To carry out all stages of our activities in a healthy and safe working environment,
  • By observing the principle of Sustainable Resource Management, we declare and undertake to lead in protecting natural resources and the environment and to provide all necessary resources in this direction.


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