Construction and Cleaning

Construction and Cleaning

     The basic philosophy of our company is to provide quality service at an international level in the field of construction and contracting services, in a way that meets the expectations and needs of our customers.

     As ARDAM CLEANING and CONSTRUCTION, it is our main principle to follow the developments in our age closely without compromising on principled contracting, to always do our best by producing instead of controlling the quality. ARDAM TEMİZLİK ve İNŞAAT offers turnkey services including mass housing, workplaces, stores, cooperative works and flat-for-floor works.


As Ardam Cleaning and Construction;

  • Demolition, Crimea and Reinforcement
  • Excavation and Excavation Works
  • Infrastructure works
  • Landscaping
  • Casting Site
  • Excavation Shipping
    We carry out its services with the machinery and equipment it has.



  • After the renovation or construction works in your factory, the cleaning of the residues remaining in the working areas is carried out by our expert staff and modern equipment. Our aim is to create a hygienic environment for you and your employees. Leave your factory cleaning works to our company, which provides professional cleaning services. Please contact us to get an expert and a quote.



  • Our company cleans the construction residues and the coarse dirt that comes out after the end of the construction and requires a lot of effort, as soon as possible and there is no trace of construction residues and wastes. Our company performs post-construction cleaning in a quality and guaranteed manner. Cleaning up construction debris is not easy and not everyone can do it. Because in addition to the cleaning that seems to be rough, the main thing is the dust and fine dirt left after the coarse dirt. Our company ensures that not only the coarse dirt that occurs after the construction, but also the fine dirt that is overlooked and not taken care of is cleaned from the construction.



  • Pests live and exist everywhere, at all times and under all conditions. All pests reproduce rapidly, disease-carrying insects and pests are the most dominant and unwanted organisms that threaten our health in our workplace and home. Insects and pests cause the spread of diseases such as typhoid, typhus, jaundice, and plague, and physical complaints such as insect bite, itching, shedding of the skin, as well as their psychological effects due to their disgusting nature. Thanks to spraying, we both get rid of these creatures that spread disease, and we also ensure the health of our employees and our family. Bayer, Aventis, Raid products are used. Call us for spraying and get the definitive result in guaranteed spraying. No matter where you are in your home or workplace, we offer you the definitive solution for pests. There are few jobs that require as seriousness and attention as spraying. We are aware of this responsibility and we make guaranteed spraying accordingly. Hundreds of people experience poisoning cases due to wrong spraying. As experts, we know very well where the pests are, what kind of medicine we will use against which pest, and when and how to use them.



  • Ship cleaning, yacht cleaning and boat cleaning are completed in the shortest time and no pollution is seen in any rough or detail after cleaning. We carry out a sensitive and careful work for ships, yachts and boats because of the special materials used in the interior parts of yachts and boats. We guarantee that after the work done, there will be a fully qualified and hygienic environment. The materials we use never cause wear or tear.



  • We are proud to present the most demanded wall cleaning to our valued customers. If the wall paint is suitable for wiping in different places such as home, work, office and factory, the wall is cleaned in cases where you can get a hundred percent definite result and in cases where radical cleaning is required. It should be wiped once a year without damaging the wall surface with a special cleaning agent. We carry out cleaning without leaving any stains and marks in Ardam Cleaning paint and wall cleaning. We guarantee that it will not leave any marks on your walls in wall and paint cleaning



  • We do floor cleaning with our cleaning machines with today's technology. It is our job to ensure floor cleaning and hygiene. We not only clean the floors, but also ensure that the dust that rises from the floor while walking on it creates microbes and destroys the microbes that harm us, thus ensuring hygiene. Floor cleaning is important not only to remove visible stains or dirt, but also to keep the floor hygienic. The technology and cleaning materials we use are literally the enemy of dirt and microorganisms.



  • General cleaning of factory, manufacturing, household and industrial areas . It has been scientifically proven that cleaning of working environments increases work efficiency and minimizes workforce loss. As Ardam Cleaning, we offer you this service and inform you. We have sufficient infrastructure and equipment for industrial cleaning and continue our work with a successful team in industrial cleaning. We work with the quality materials required for industrial cleaning and our professional teams who use these materials correctly. Our teams, who have been dealing with industrial cleaning for a long time and get the best results in this regard, are preferred for their work.



  • There is a lot of hustle and bustle in places such as schools and classrooms, so many people, especially students, breathe the same air, and the transmission of diseases and the spread of infectious diseases are not even sincere at times when the place is not clean and adequate hygiene is not provided. That's why we attach great importance to these, and we consider not only the visible part of cleaning, but also invisible, that is, hygienic. Floor and general cleaning of schools and classrooms should be done periodically, and spraying should be done in addition to cleaning. Our company will tell you the most suitable times and can give you the information on when both cleaning and spraying will be done periodically, take it under our periodic maintenance and take care of it.



  • Window cleaning service is one of the leading services we have done. Parallel to the air pollution on your windows, your windows become dirty and soot in rain and windy weather. If these glasses are not cleaned for a long time, a layer of dirt forms on the glass layer. In order to avoid such problems, your windows should be cleaned at least once a month. These needs of our customers are realized under extremely HYGIENE conditions under the guarantee of our company.



  • Pool cleaning is important to us. Pools are a place where people interact one-on-one. Here, the right cleaning material should be used correctly. After cleaning, the cleaning materials should be rinsed thoroughly and the size should be in place so that they do not remain in the pool. No sediment, stain, etc. in pool cleaning. It is cleaned without leaving any dirt. Necessary precautions should be taken to prevent the materials used in the pool from contaminating the water, otherwise it may lead to various ailments such as respiratory tract infections. Therefore, call us on issues such as pool cleaning and let's do a healthy cleaning.



  • If you are within the borders of Ankara province, you can contact Ardam Cleaning, which performs Mosque Cleaning services in the best way.



  • As Ardam Cleaning, it is much more effective to provide the hygiene that is missed with steam machines in home and workplace cleaning. With a steam temperature of 155 degrees, bacteria nests in toilets and kitchens are intervened more effectively. With all these machine systems, we aim to provide better services to our valued customers.



  • As Ardam Cleaning, we offer economical prices for office cleaning. Contact us for your regular office cleaning needs. General cleaning problems are solved by cleaning companies for office cleaning in office buildings arranged as offices. Our aim will be to produce permanent and inexpensive solutions for offices and office cleaning.



  • House cleaning services are an area that requires trust and attention and should be done by companies that have experience in this field. As Ardam Cleaning, we are competing with ourselves to provide you with the best service in this field.



  • Our company is developing its services category day by day and continues to be a solution partner to the problems of our valued customers. As Ardam Petrol, we have added fuel oil tank cleaning, fuel tank cleaning, diesel tank cleaning and tank cleaning to our other services. Services we provide for Fuel Oil Fuel Tank Cleaning, fuel tank cleaning, diesel tank cleaning, tank cleaning The inactive residue and dirt between the fuel oil and diesel tanks of your institution may cause malfunctions in your system in the future and cause additional costs. Therefore, tanks may need to be cleaned to be ready for the new season and to be used at full capacity. As Ardam Petrol, it is committed to removing these residues and filths that cause rot in your tanks and emit toxic gas and pose a danger, and to clean your fuel oil tank by taking all safety precautions with trained personnel and equipment.



  • In addition to Ardam petrol cleaning services, there is also diesel tank cleaning. As it is known, it will cause the tanks that are not cleaned to rot, increase the fuel consumption, lose the fuel's properties, and cause the devices to frequently clog and malfunction. After tank cleaning done by Ardam Petrol, you will get rid of many uncountable negative factors such as not rotting your tanks, using the tank at full capacity, preventing device failures and removing toxic gases. Of course, these jobs must be done by trained and professional people, otherwise they will do the cleaning. Ardam Petrol performs fuel oil tank cleaning, fuel tank cleaning, diesel tank cleaning and tank cleaning to your satisfaction.


  • In order for the quality of the fuel stored in the tanks to reach the customer without any problems, the fuel tanks should be cleaned twice a year without loss of fuel. With the formation of water in fuel tanks due to high humidity over time, bacteria that form in the tanks begin to reproduce in the fuel. If this situation is not controlled, water and bacteria can cause big problems.
    The water and bacteria formed in the fuel especially cause the following problems;
    1. It may reduce the quality of fuel oil and cause various problems in vehicles. It may damage the tank tank and fuel pumping systems by producing corrosive acids.
    2. It can cause clogged pipes between tank and fuel pump and build up of sludge and sediment that clog filters.
    As Ardam Petrol, we are committed to removing these residues and filths that cause rot in your tanks and emit toxic gas, and to clean your fuel oil tank by taking all safety precautions with trained personnel and equipment.


  • As Ardam Petrol, we are committed to removing these residues and filths that cause rot in your tanks and emit toxic gas and pose a danger, and to clean your heating fuel tank by taking all safety precautions with trained personnel and equipment.


  • Our company is especially specialized in the cleaning of waste oil, waste petroleum products, corrosion residues, dirt coming from fuels and tank bottom sediment in storage tanks. Tank cleaning works are completed quickly by our trained staff by utilizing the blessings of technology without sacrificing safety.

Why is tank cleaning necessary ;

  • Microbiological structures are formed in the storage tanks over time, sediments and foreign materials accumulate at the bottom. These wastes; It causes the tanks to rot, formation of toxic gas, loss of the properties of the stored material, quick clogging of the filters, malfunction of the devices, and the formation of idle capacity in the tanks.
  • Fuel tank cleaning: As Ardam, we also provide fuel tank cleaning service to our customers. As it is known, bottom sludge formed in fuel tanks is classified as hazardous waste. For this reason, fuel tank cleaning works are handled as a whole from waste collection to disposal. The process starts with the purification of the tanks from toxic and flammable gases (gas-free), followed by tank cleaning and interim storage of the wastes. The process is ended when the wastes are transported to the disposal facilities by tankers with a hazardous waste transport license so that they do not harm the environment. All work is completed with trained personnel, strictly following the safety precautions, in accordance with the relevant regulations and legislation.

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